Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Revolution Is Over!

I've finally finished working my way through Revolution and/or Revolution 1!!!

Here's all the posts

10:61 Revolution (pt.1) Did George Play Bass on Revolution 1, or was Paul just having a bad day at the office?
10:62 Revolution (pt.2) - What's The Difference between the album, single and video versions?
10:63 Revolution (pt.3) Will the real Revolution please stand up? Album or single - Which is the definitive version?
10:64 Revolution (pt.4) All We Are Saying: Lyrics - rhyme schemes and structures
10:65 Revolution (pt.5) - Don't Bore Us, Get To The Pre-Chorus - structures, out of key chords and the V chord
10:66 Revolution (pt.6) Fake Mistakes - embellishments, edits and extensions

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