Friday, 23 July 2010

2:14 With The Beatles Post Index And Conclusion

This is the summary post for With The Beatles. Here’s all the songs covered in the second chapter of the Beatles career and where to find ‘em. The single tracks (in italics) are on the Past Masters CD.

1 She Loves You (pt.1) - the chorus
2 She Loves You (pt.2) - chord progressions and breaking new ground
3 She Loves You (pt.3) - intro, outro and edits
4 I’ll Get YouYou Really Got A Hold On MeMoney (That’s What I Want)Devil In Her HeartTill There Was YouPlease Mr Postman and Roll Over Beethoven
I Wanna Be Your Man and Little Child
It Won’t Be Long and All My Loving
All I've Got To Do (pt.1) - chords
All I've Got To Do (pt.2) - melody
Not A Second Time
10 Don’t Bother Me
11 Hold Me Tight
12 I Want To Hold Your Hand
13 This Boy

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With The Beatles is an obvious step forwards from Please Please Me. The Beatles clearly didn’t suffer from second album syndrome. Partly because they still had the option of doing covers, something modern bands don’t really do. And whereas modern bands often take years to write their first album and months to write their second, the Beatles didn’t really produced anything significant writing wise till after they were signed.

So based on growth as writers plus a better class of cover songs I’d give this 'chapter' a 7/10.

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