Friday, 18 June 2010

Chapter 2.10 With The Beatles - Don’t Bother Me

The 19th song in (Only 192 to go!) is a double landmark.

First song written by George Harrison and first song in a minor key - somehow apt coming from the Beatles’ resident miserablist. It’s different from Lennon & McCartney’s songs so far, it’s competently written, the lyrics make sense but it’s just OK. A workman-like effort.

Your can take the song out of the guitarist, but you can’t…or something…

The melody has a lead guitarist’s fingerprints all over it. It draws almost exclusively from the minor pentatonic scale. The only addition is a 2nd (F#).

Also even though it’s not a 12 bar blues, the verses are in a 12 bar structure. You can pretty much sing the melody over a stock 12 bar pattern in E. Try it. It’s fun!

The verse riff over the chords sounds like a primitive ancestor of Lennon’s I Feel Fine. Or maybe a grouchy old Uncle.

The descending B7 A7 G Em progression underpinning the riff is very dark and the hanging on the G the second time and making you wait for the Em is a nice touch.

Overall a dour and miserable little number that reminds me of the Animals.
Not bad for a first effort, but not in the same league as John & Paul.

Check back on Monday for a brand new Be-atletude.
Blessed are the single-taskers!

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