Friday, 28 May 2010

2:7 All I've Got to Do (pt.1)

Another classic song from With The Beatles. There’s lots that bears further study but for now just a few headings.

What about that opening chord?! E11 aug! (Fretted, low to high 076575). I’ve never come across that one in 26 years of playing! For some reason it reminds me of the Nat ‘King’ Cole track ‘When I Fall In Love.’
Weird opening chord not withstanding this is another song that doesn’t start on the root chord (Ticket 6). The verse kicks in with a C#m – E (vi I) progression exactly the same as It Won’t Be Long.

But that’s nothing. This song manages to avoid using the second strongest chord - the 5 (V) which in this key is B. It’s very rare for any major key song to do that. Interesting.

They use the minor4 (iv) chord, which we’ve been looking at in detail, but from a m2 (ii) which we’ve not covered yet.

F#m Call you on the phone
& you’ll come running home
Yeah Am that’s all I E gotta do.
In the next post we’ll look at the melody.

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