Monday, 31 May 2010

Chapter 2.8 With The Beatles - All I've Got To Do (again)

Having looked at the chords last time let’s finish up on this With The Beatles classic with a...

Melody masterclass

The notes in the pick up to the verse and the bridge are the same - an E major arpeggio leading to a C#.

Whenever I (E G# B C#)

and the same goes for me (E E G# B B C#)

Same tune leading to a different chord in a different section. They did exactly the same trick on Ask Me Why

The verse melody keeps starting on the second of the chord it’s over then resolving to the root. This helps pull you along.

All I gotta do-oo (2nd to root)
Is call you (2nd to root) on the phone
And you’ll come (2nd to root) running home,
Yeah, that’s all I gotta do (2nd to root).

The last line (Yeah, that’s all I gotta do) sings an F# over the Am (making it a 6th). This combination is a very warm and comforting sound matching the lyrics perfectly.

Contrasting sections

Notice the contrast in verse and bridge melody wise

Verse - long notes, melisma (syllables stretched over several notes), wide range, little repetition

Bridge – short and repetitive. For example, the same 3 note tunes on

Whenever/you want me/whenever


I’ll be there/Yes I will/gotta call

In fact the bridge has little more than three notes in, where the verse roams freely over a full octave.

Go do it!

If you've written one section and are struggling for where to go next, trying to contrast is a great way to start.

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