Hall Of Shame

The Beatles wrote more than their fair share of classic songs. But they also wrote more than their fair share of appalling lyrics. Not only that, but they were bad in many different ways.

This is the page where we name and shame the worst offenders. [If you have a problem with criticising the Beatles you may want to read this].

The Rules

Let's start with the obvious. Mere repetition alone won't send a song to this lyrical sin bin. And neither will that other bugbear poor grammar. After all, do you really think "She loves you, yeah yeah yeah" would be improved by changing it to "She loves you, yes"? No I'm talking about transgressions I like to call -

  • The Inigo Montoya rule
  • I paid good money for this dictionary, dammit!
  • Does anyone know another word for synonym?
  • Rhyme's Disease (AKA I paid good money for this rhyming dictionary, dammit!)
  • Dummy Love
  • All filler, no killer

Standing in the naughty boys corner so far...

Carry That Weight
Dig A Pony
I'll Get You
Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Old Brown Shoe
Savoy Truffle
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
While My Guitar Gently Weeps