Thursday, 10 March 2011

12:20 Maxwell Edison In The Hall Of Shame

Maxwell's in the dock but he doesn't stand alone. His accomplice Paul McCartney must shoulder the blame too. The charges are as follows

Rhyme Fever

The rhymes in themselves aren't bad, but driven by a need to rhyme the story gets distorted in all kinds of ways

  • I must not be so... - so what?
  • Is Maxwell at school or studying medicine at university? Medical school? (do you really have to write lines on the board at med school?)
  • bang and clang? - presumably the clanging was caused by the hammer hitting the metal plates in everyone's heads?

I've paid good money for this dictionary, dammit!

Quizzical? Pataphysical? So you know big words – don't rub it in

Inigo Montoya rule

Pataphysics is a spoof science of imaginary solutions invented by Alfred Jarry (MacDonald p.357). No test tubes needed. Unless they're imaginary ones of course.


McCartney - a restraining order preventing you coming within 100 yards of a three syllable rhymes.
Maxwell – Your hammer will be taken away and given to Pete Seeger.

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