I've been really blessed to have a few bloggers out there appreciate what I'm trying to do here at BSA. Some have even asked me to do guest posts. Why not check them out and say hello?

Guest Posts

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  1. Hi there, mate! Great work you've been doing here.

    I run a website about creativity, inspiration, improvisation and arts in general, and I would love if you could write our first guest article.

    Please, have a look at creativegibberish dot org and see what you think. I didn't find a contact form, that's why I'm using this space here. You can reach me on editor at creativegibberish dot org.

    Anyway or the other, as a late guitar student and a big fabfourfan, all I can say is thank you very much for such a brilliant job!

  2. Thanks Henrique for your kinds words - I'll be in touch

  3. I just discovered your blog, love the concept... It would be great if there was an index of posts somewhere on the site, I want to start at the first post and read them in chronological order but I can't find any way to do so other than clicking "older posts" a million times.

  4. Thanks TLR - I'm building the site as I go and there will be more of that, but for now the best I can offer is I did the albums in the following order

    the last two are proper index (indcies?) of posts so they should be easier to follow.

    The best way to navigate is probably read the BeAtletudes - then check out the tags for the songs that interest you...

  5. Matt, thanks for the link. If you ever want to write a guest article, I would love to feature it on the Beatles Blog Carnival.


  6. Thanks for the offer Jim - I'm working on my EP at the moment so I'm a bit busy at the mo!

  7. Hi Matt

    Very nice, detailed website. I run a similar website looking at theory and band psychology. I was wondering if perhaps I might contribute a guest post to your website, perhaps on models of leadership in the Beatles and how this ties in with regular bands?

    My stuff is at


  8. Hi Matt,
    Please "The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook" serves both as a Classical guitar (classical guitar from Brazil)for electric guitar?

  9. Yes 'Unknown'

    it's just the chords and lyrics so would be good for any type of guitar

  10. Hi, I bought your EP after reading a couple of your Beatles comments which I found to be very sound (well, people always say that when they agree with what they're reading don't they?). I think your own songs are excellent, however I think they are overly long (I know the playing times suggest they are not particularly over-long) and you are diluting much of their strength (lyrics particularly) by not cutting them down a bit (I am guilty of not pruning on a huge scale so this is kettle calling the pot black but...there's much to be admired on your EP and I think it would be a shame if your work didn't reach its full potential and audience). I hope to hear more of your work, perhaps an album someday!

  11. Thanks Violet - especially for actually BUYING my EP (be interested to know where you got it - iTunes/Bandcamp etc)

    You're right I'm not good at the whole brevity thing - I'm trying! For what it's worth, my songs are shorter than they use to be before starting this project - I cut intros to some of the songs and even edited out a whole verse and chorus of Brother Bull at the mixing stage, but self-editing is definitely something the Beatles keep challenging me on.

    There's no solid plans for an album I'm afraid but I am currently putting the finishing touches to a new EP called Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky - you can keep up to date with progress here

    thanks again!