Friday, 24 May 2013

Elijah Lamp's Got A Ticket To Write

Welcome to another guest post where an ordinary musician like you spills the beans on how they've used the Tickets To Write to ... erm... write! Next up - Elijah Lamp


I remember miming to Beatles singles on my Fisher Price record player as a child, their music is deeply ingrained in me. I saw your call for songs that used tips from your blog. So here is mine - Cast Stones.

The song uses Ticket 18 (one of my favourites!) endings on a single ringing chord (G6 - according to my iPhone reverse chord finder.) The opening G, pulled from the verse (Ticket 4) and last G6 both remind me of A Hard Days Night.

I tried to contrast the bridge section with new chords and a half tempo feel per Ticket 5, and I tried to parallel the lyrics in the verses (Ticket 24) a 'la Come Together which was one of the singles I had as a child. (I'm partial to Revolver, the White Album, Abbey Road and yes... Let it Be, which I love like a ragged, favourite old pair of jeans).

Thank you so much for your exhaustive efforts to make this voodoo discernible to average hack songwriters like myself. I've really enjoyed your blog.

Elijah Lamp is a 43 year old classic rock fanatic who's been writing and recording since 1984. You can check out more of his music here 

Elijah giving his son his first guitar lesson (“Smoke on the Water of course”).

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