Saturday, 16 August 2014

Ticket 52: The Lennon Extension

Create a momentary time signature change by simply adding a beat (or bar), especially if you need extra space to fit more words into the vocal line. This is the opposite trick to the The Lennon Edit (Ticket 37) and is common in the same genres of music – solo blues, folk, TV themes and advertising jingles.

Back In The USSR - second chorus
Don't Let Me Down
Helter Skelter – at 0:30 the G chord is delayed while McCartney sings 'tell me” four times (compare 1:10 where he sings the line three times and the G is a bar earlier)
Revolution 1- at 3:24 (due to a mistake in tape editing)


Coney Island Baby – chorus (Tom Waits)
I'm Shakin' (Jack White)
Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney) (again, due to a mistake in tape editing)
Soundcheck Song – 'keyboard' verse (Matt Blick)
The Key - 3rd verse (Sonny Boy Williamson)

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