Thursday, 14 February 2013

Let's Build An Airport

Long time readers of Beatles Songwriting Academy will know that a rarely post stuff about my own music here. I prefer to keep the focus on the mighty Lennon and McCartney (and Harrison) and present my own meagre offerings over at However today is a VERY special day. I've released my debut single Let's Build An Airport on Noisetrade and (as you're ALL my close personal friends) you're welcome to a free copy!

Since this song, and all the others on my forthcoming EP, were written since starting BSA the fab four have had a profound effect on my writing. I'm hoping to detail a few things I've applied myself in future posts. But for now I hope you enjoy the single. Please share it, like it, tweet it, or whatever else it is you young people do in this technological age we live in!

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