Monday, 4 February 2013

The Black Heartthrobs Got A Ticket To Write

Have you used any of the Beatles approved songwriting tricks on this site to create your own songs? Send me an email and I'll feature your song here. David Benitez did.

Hello Matt.

This is David Benitez from The Black Heartthrobs from Los Angeles. We're big fans of the 4 dudes and your website.

We used a few 'tickets to write' in the bridge to our song Fool For You - ticket 44 - Use the minor 5 chord (v) & ticket 45 - Change key between sections.

We go into the bridge by minoring the 5 and we exit the bridge back to the verse by making the 5 major again.

Here's the chords (in the key of C#)


G#m    A#7     D#m      F#7
G#m    A#7     B           F#

I also sing the minor third (a B) in the minor V chord so you really hear the shift. IMHO, minoring the V (G#m) wakes up the listener. I don't think it's used that often, or at least not nearly as the minor 4 (which in this key would be F#m). It refreshes the song and makes going back to the verse more satisfying cos it felt like the song actually went somewhere.

David uses the m5 to transpose into the new key of D#m (T45) but in true Beatles fashion they use the borrowed V7 (A#7) to get to D#m (i) and then throw in F#7 which also doesn't 'belong.' It's clever stuff and shows that the band have really absorbed the Beatles techniques and made em their own.

David Benitez is vocalist/guitarist with The Black Heartthrobs, a three-piece garage rock band from Culver City, California that craft catchy songs a la Pavement and The Nerves. Find them on Facebook and Bandcamp.

I'd highly recommend their album Saturn Mexico (featuring Fool For You)

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