Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Beatles Re:FAWM

I suppose I owe you all an explanation about where I disappeared to for most of February. The answer is obvious of course. I got sucked into the songwriting parallel universe called FAWM (February Album Writing Month). I had a great time and wrote, or co-wrote, 16 songs. You can read about it here, listen to my songs here or here or check out FAWM for yourself here.

Hopefully things will be back on track soon but in the meantime check out the Organising Sound blog. John Thomas Mumm was kind enough to write a nice post about Beatles Songwriting Academy which was an honour as his own site is packed with really great songwriting tips and tricks. There's all kinds of material on chord progressionsavant garde songwriting techniques and all manner of other helpful ideas. John even has a place for you to submit songs that have been written using the songwriting techniques.

Get over there and say hello


  1. Nice FAWM work! Space Monkey Mafia Theme is a personal favorite. My band is doing something similar, but more spread out. Every month this year we're writing "short songs" (they have to be under two minutes) and releasing them on YouTube and playing them at shows that month. Check out the latest one:

    And if you dig, feel free to watch the others! They are short after all!

  2. Yeah, I liked the Space Monkey Mafia tunes, as well. I really wish it was a real show...

  3. Thanks Phil - great idea - makes Space Monkey Mafia seem like a bloated prog rock epic! And thank you too Geordie. You never know what bizarre ideas your brain is going to fart out when you're FAWMing and sometimes the craziest thing ends up being the best.

    1. Don't I know it! I came up with some pretty off-the-wall ideas myself this Feb. (My FAWM member name is "fuzzy")

  4. Geordie! Is Fuzzy?!?!?! My brain is overloading now! Of "The Pork Chop of Misery, David Bowie Stole My Song Ideas, My Goldfish Is A Reincarnation Of William Burroughs" fame???

    I take my hat off to you Sir! You are seriously deranged (in a good way)

  5. "Seriously deranged"; the best compliment I've ever been given. Thnk you.