Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Many Guitar Solos Of Let It Be

Still confused about the four different guitar solos in Let It Be? So was I. So in the name of musical science I edited them all together. Then I thought I'd do a little video and share it with you. But hurry. I'm sure people who have no respect for fair use in musical education will want to spoil the party.. Which solo is YOUR favourite...




  1. I prefer the solo in the Album Version as well. All versions feature awful bass work by Lennon though.

  2. Shall we petition to get the album version edited into the naked version. And we could even go for broke and get Paul to redo the bass!

  3. I think i'd much rather hear Tony Levin, and maybe we could get Eric Johnson to play the guitar solo, and bring in Steve Gadd on drums, and maybe get Elton on piano, or better Gaga to appeal to the young folks...

  4. That's a very unpop-like line up your eminence...

  5. My question is, why are there so many different solos?

    1. I think they were in a stage where they were unhappy with a lot of things and second guessing themselves. Also George Martin wasn't involved and he tended to keep things on track.