Friday, 20 August 2010

Normal Service Will Be Resumed Shortly...

I'm sorry there's not been much action here of late. But I have a good excuse in that i've been working on songs (which is kind of the whole point).

There won't be anything from me for another week now, but after that i should have some exciting things to report. (Well I'll find them exciting at least).

Here's something left field.

Another superstar band Yellow matter Custard featuring Paul Gilbert (Mr Big), Matt Bisonnette (Satriani), Mike Portnoy (amazing drummer from Dream Theater) & Neal Morse (Spocks Beard) playing one of the best worst Beatles songs ever.

I'm sure the last verse (sung by Lennon originally, Portnoy here) was the inspiration for Rowley Birkin Q.C.

Whaddaya mean you don't know who Rowley is?

Shame on you! Even Johnny Depp knows that.



  1. Hey, maybe you could get a guest post from somebody awesome while you're out!

    Can't wait to hear your epic song. It's a great idea. I'll be tuned in!

  2. You Know My Name: self-indulgent crap that only the Beatles could get away with.

  3. @Nick - great idea! Epic song up in the next few days...

    @Gary - c'mon don't hold back - say what you really feel ;-)

    (BTW McCartney says this is his favourite Beatles song. No joke!)