Friday, 9 April 2010

2:3 She Loves You (pt.3)

‘That’ Chord

The last chord is legendary. It’s a G major but George Harrison is singing an E turning it into G6. George Martin didn’t like it at first saying it sounded like the Andrews Sisters. But they tried it with and without and all agreed it sounded better in.

But the 6th doesn’t just make an appearance on the final chord but also in the line “with a love like that you really” which is an A sung over Cm. No one plays a 6th chord anywhere in the song but the intervals are so strongly placed that they affect the whole tonality of the song.

This is part of Lennon’s spicy vocal melody bag of tricks and his way of making simple chord progressions sound more complicated than they are.

Intros, Outro & Edits

Check out the false ending that slows down and sounds like it’s coming into a gentle landing before the final round of “yeah, yeah, yeahs.” Wouldn’t that sound good in one of your songs?

How long do your songs take to get to the hook? The instrumental intro here is a drum fill lasting 0.5 of a second! Beat that!

Finally the more I listen, the more I can spot the edits. At this stage rather than punching in overdubs complete takes were glued together. I’m sure I can hear one at 1:22.

OK. We’re done with this bad boy. Our next ‘music’ posts will be more of an overview of With The Beatles and related singles.

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