Friday, 8 January 2010

1:2 P.S. I Love You

This song has a truly great verse, a very nice flowing melody, wistful in a ‘Danny Boy’ kind of way with good match of mood, music and lyrics.

Our first ever ‘Ticket to write’ (T1) is the verse ending. Rather than landing on the I or 'root' chord (D major) on P.S I Love You  they delay it by playing the bVI (Bb) rising to the bVII (C) before finally arriving at the I (D) a ballsy 2 bars later.

P.S. I love you (Bb)
you, you (C) you (D)

Though the song is in the key of D major both Bb and C are borrowed from the parallel minor scale (Dm).

The harmonising of the first word in each bar is also a nice touch.

So why isn’t this a great song?

The bridge.
They pull out all the stops totally re-harmonising it in the intro (nice touch) (Ticket 4) and adding gospel style vocal ad-libs in the second, but as far as the bridge goes, we’re polishing turds here. The tune is monotonous melodically and rhythmically, the chords progression a dull IV (G) I (D) and the lyrics…

In a song called PS I Love You,
he wants her to remember
(as he sends his love to her)
that he’ll always be in love with her.

When I say “Re” you say “Dundant.”

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