Friday, 5 February 2016


OUT NOW: Episode three of the Beatles Songwriting Academy Podcast! The podcast is free to everyone who subscribes to the BSA mailing list and each episode will only be available for ONE MONTH. Sign up now to get the current episodeWhaddaya waiting for!

0:00 Intro - ear muffs?

In My Life (Sean Connery) from In My Life (George Martin)
Quote from Goldfinger
Wun'erful, Wun'erful! (Stan Freberg)
The Beatles And Bond article on FilmNav
February Album Writing Month (
My FAWM profile

2:08 Is James Bond A Cliche?

Line Cliche article on ChordAddict
Ticket 17: Chromatic Descent Starting From The Root
Ticket 31: Chromatic Descent Starting From The b7th
Ticket 32: Chromatic Ascent Starting From The 5th

9:09 James Bond Is Sad (Minor Variations)

James Bond Theme Authorship and Origin article on Wikipedia
KS Rhoads
Better For Me If I'd Never Been Born (Matt Blick)

19:32 In My Life (Slight Return)

In My Life (Sean Connery) from In My Life (George Martin)

20:46 James Bond Is Happy (Major Carnage)

Ticket 8: Use the minor 4 (iv)

29:23 The Name's Templeman. Ted Templeton. And So's My Brother...

Ted Templeman bio on Wikipedia

32:50 James Bond Is Beside Himself (Multiple Uses)

36:50 James Bond Is Indian?

I Was There Too film podcast

39:46 Omissions - Unchained Melody

KS Rhoads


  1. That 1920's-esq cover of "Hey Jude" made my day. (True, it's been a long day and just about anything is amusing at this point...but still.)

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Matt; keep it up and I'll have to do the internal chromatic ascent to "FamouserPatrick!" (God help us all if we get to "Famousest...) I actually used this technique in Morph1 at FAWM - "Bring Me Somewhere Else." I saw the layout of the lyric, and it just seemed perfect for the chromatic 5th ascent. Gotta love playng with a new toy.

    I remember the first time I heard "Raining in My Heart," by Mr. Holly - just blasted me right out of my socks! I went out and bought every Buddy Holly record I could lay my hands on - what a great talent!

    Love the podcasts - thanks for putting in the hours to crank them out.

  3. Thank Patrick - glad you found it helpful!

  4. Matt - thank you for this website and podcast! I came across the site after your video review of the book Revolver on Amazon. I'm so glad I did. I've been surfing the site all evening and love everything your doing. This podcast was fantastic and I appreciate all the work that went into it. I learned so much. Thank you! Looking forward to further exploring your website and episode four of the podcast. All the best!

    1. Thank you so much Matt! You encouragement is really appreciated!

  5. oh boy, thanks for the shout out, Matt. to think i only hear it now.

    love how much fun you're having with the podcast, and of course all that research and research - yes, those two things you do so well :)

    kashmir for james bond, but also stairway to heaven for the chromatic descent, although they fiddled with the supporting chords...

    as I say, keep them coming, keep making us happy!