Friday, 27 June 2014

Here Comes A Pun - The Best #BadBeatlesSongs

I Wanna Hold Your Handlebar Moustache (After I Rip It Off Your Hipster Face)
Ask Me Why One More Time And I'll Kill You
I'm Looking Through YouTube
Something (About The Way Eric Clapton Looks At You Makes Me Very Suspicious)

I've Just Seen Face (From The A-Team)
I Am The Walmart
W.C. Fields Forever
Iraqi Raccoon
I Want To Smell You
I Saw Her Stand-In, Cher
Why Don't We Do It In Cormac McCarthy's 'The Road'
With A Little Help From The Cast Of Friends
While My Guitar Gently Makes Passive Aggressive Remarks
Do You Want To Know A Secret? Click Here!
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely eHarmony Profile
With A Little Help From Depends™
Lucy In The Sky With Lou Diamond Phillips
A Hard Day's M. Night Shyamalan
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, So I Stood My Ground And Shot Her Because Of The 2nd Amendment
Lucy In The Conservatory With The Candlestick
Strawberry Fields For The Foreseeable Future
Scabies, You're An Itch Man
We All Live In A Yellow Three-Room Trailer
Rocky Racoon IV
Got To Get You Into My Lifeboat
Happiness Is A Warm Nun
I Want To Hold What's Left Of Your Hand
The Ballad Of Just Yoko
Twist And Shout And Bop And Flick And Pull
I Wanna Hold Your Hair While You Puke
Lucy In The Walmart Bathroom With A Tub Of Macaroni Salad
Got To Get You Into My Walrus
Ticket To Nickleback
You Know My Meme, Look Up The Hashtag
The Long And Binding Cell Phone Contract
Lucy In The Sky With Diarrhoea
I Want You (To Clear My History On My Computer)
While My Guitar Gently Sits In The Corner Of My Living Room Because I Have Kids Now And No Time For Musical Pursuits

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