Friday, 28 March 2014

Under The Influence: Joe Satriani

[Across The Universe is] such a beautiful song, and it captures the naiveté of the time. Lennon was so talented in that he could be the funniest, the snidest, and yet ultimately the most poignant guy in the band. Often you find that when the joker in the crowd finally says something serious, it’s far more profound than what the so-called "serious" guys come up with. 

Lava Magazine

John Lennon's fuzzed out guitar playing on the Revolution single is one of my favourite guitar performances. He had a raw and muscular way of playing with distortion that I always found to be unique. David Bowie's Fame features John playing in that way, and it makes the track swing for me. 

His rhythm guitar playing was always spot on, with lots of feel and groove. His knowledge of chords and how to use harmony creatively was evident throughout both The Beatles catalogue and his own. These days ‘Lennonesque’ is a term one could use to describe how using diminished and augmented chords to bring a chord sequence to a higher level. All in all, John Lennon was really a superb player.

Music Radar

Joe started playing drums aged nine after seeing The Beatles on TV. In Sep 1970 he switched to guitar on the day Jimi Hendrix died.

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