Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Tea Break's Over

Update: I was busy FAWMing in Feb, and I'll be spending most of March finishing demos, but there will be more posts here soon! 

Also I'm very happy to announce the launch of the Beatles Songwriting Academy Forum - more details here.

[On being invited to Abbey Road in '67] I'm expecting peace love and flowers at the studio. Instead, it's a factory; four guys sitting around on folding chairs, drinking tea. A minute or two later, George Martin comes downstairs in his suit and tie, says crisply, 'Right, lads, break's over', and everyone goes back to work. Very British. Very professional. Maybe that's why they succeeded and we didn't. 

 Mickey Dolenz in Christopher Sandford: McCartney (watch my book review here)

Here's more on just how hard the Beatles worked

Mickey gives a very different explaination for failing to match the Beatles in a Guitar World interview

The Monkees was not a group. The Monkees is still not a group. The Monkees is the cast of a television show about a group. We are not in the same DNA pool as the Beatles. We are in the same DNA pool as Star Trek. 

Guitar World Dec 1997 (p.75)

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