Friday, 28 February 2014

Don't Talk (Put This Award On Your Shelf)

The great thing about songwriting is that you don't know how you do it, so you can't talk about it.

Sir Paul McCartney: Songwriter's Songwriter Award Winner, 2014 NME Awards



  1. I don't agree. McCartney may feel that way, but I think there are things that McCartney absorbed himself from his musician father and from the bands he and Lennon listened to and learned from in the early days. Songwriting-wise, he learned a lot from tin pan alley as well, and there are common chord choices and cadences, riffs, etc. that each style of music views as typical for that style. Without those sort of musical tropes McCartney probably wouldn't have written "Honey Pie." As far as lyrics go, the process is often difficult for me to discuss, because lyrics often do just appear to you, but it's also a work in progress all the time, and there are lessons to impart.

  2. I totally agree with you Aaron in disagreeing with Paul! I post these from time to time - - as it tickles me that he has the polar opposite view to me. If I agreed with him this blog wouldn't exist!

    And of course the irony is the Paul has 'talked about it', at great length, for the last 50 years!