Friday, 14 June 2013

Under The Influence: Dave Mustaine (Megadeth)

My oldest sister's name is Michelle, so I was curious about [the song Michelle]. And as soon as they started singing in French I was hooked. Plus the arrangement of the french horn part at the end is so passionate. 

But what I learned from the Beatles was how to move the root a half or full step while keeping the rest of the chord suspended, which is really cool. We do that quite a lot. They also used a lot of 7th chords, whether they were major, minor or augmented, and I found that fascinating. 

Listen to the White Album, songs like Cry Baby Cry, Rocky Raccoon and Dear Prudence, and you'll hear them hold the chord while moving the root.

Dave Mustaine suffers from French Horn based hallucinations while compiling his ideal mix tape in Guitar World Dec 1997.


  1. Cool, the guy has actually no idea what he's talking about... : )

  2. Also, dear Matt, hearty greetings from Germany! : ) I've been following for a while already. Thanks a lot for your inspiring work!