Friday, 14 December 2012

Under The Influence: Graham Nash (The Hollies, CSN, CSNY)

I first heard the Beatles first single*, Please Please Me, on an acetate in the offices of Dick James, a publisher of their music. It was an obvious smash hit record. Everyone knew it. Everyone. 

 The Beatles' album Please Please Me was incredible to listen to – new, fantastically energetic … up to this point long-playing records were basically a bunch of singles put out to capitalize on the success of the singles. But John realized that they could actually be a collection of music that made a statement, and after Please Please Me that's what they did. Of course it affected every band; the Beatles opened up the door and we all ran through it. 

 How could you not be affected by their energy and song writing abilities. They, and Bob Dylan, showed us the way to create music that meant something other than "moon, june" lyrics 

Graham Nash: 101 Essential Rock Records: The Golden Age Of Vinyl, From The Beatles To The Sex Pistols

*It was actually the second, after Love Me Do.


  1. You forgot CN. PS Josh Garrels is an interesting artist indeed (I still haven't figured out how to comment on your other site).

  2. Hah! and presumably 'N' as well! Re other site - I was getting so much spam I had to stop it temporarily. Will try to sort it over the hols.