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0:00 - Intro - 1969 Christmas Wishes From Paul

Christmas Links from Beatles 1969 Christmas Fan Club Record

2:02 - Who Wants To Be Carol? (1966 Lennon And McCartney Interview)

Interview background on Beatles Bible

A Hard Day's Night - Peggy Lee
All My Loving - Matt Monro
And I Love Him - Lena Horne
Wait - Frankie Laine

13:10 - Wishy Woo Merry Christmas (Yule Be Improvising)

From Beatles 1969 Christmas Fan Club Record

14:15 - Eleanor Rigby's Ghost (Aaron Krerowicz takes a Beatles Minute)

Beatles Minutes on Aaron Krerowicz
More on Madrigalism

17:14 - Five Ideas For More Interesting Intros (From Motown to school assemblies, Bon Jovi to the Beatles)

Put Your Song On A Diet! - Ticket 2
Building Up On The 5th - Ticket 65
Jazz Style Intro Verses - Ticket 53
AABA Structures - Ticket 26
Mutate Your Intros - Ticket 4
Combining Song Ideas: Two Become One - Ticket 55
Post by Shane Adams that includes the concept of a Swing Line
Wikipedia posts on Anacrusis, A CappellaRecitative and Musical Development
More on the '7 seconds to skip' concept can be found in Jay Franks' book Futurehit.DNA download the first chapter here

53:17 – Tomorrow Never Jingles (Christmas Mash-Up)

Jingle Bells by California Beatles tribute band The Fab Four from their album Hark!

54:56 – Bob And The Band In The Basement With Hank And Lennon Too! (Troubadour Timing or The Lennon Edit)

Bob Dylan, The Band And The Basement Tapes documentary on IMDB and Youtube
The Lennon Edit - Ticket 37
The Lennon Extension - Ticket 52

58:40 – That Dirty No Good Robbin'... (Who Stole Stewball?)

More on Stewball and Merry Xmas (War Is Over)
More on the Beatles uncredited co-writers

1:01:27 – Trouble With These Glasses (George And Ringo On Songwriting)

Interviews with George (1965) and Ringo (1964) from On Air – Live at the BBC Volume 2

1:04:53 – Getting Under My Fingernails (Deconstructing My Own Song For Beatles Clues)

Descending Line Starting From The b7th - Ticket 31
Recycle Your 'O's Ticket 4
The Lennon Edit - Ticket 37
More on 10 Ways The Beatles Have Radically Changed My Songwriting
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1:18:12 - Outro (250 Good People)

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Closing theme - 'Piggies' performed by The Black Heartthrobs available here
Idents by Poddingham Paul courtesy of LeftLion

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  1. Well, this is a jolly good Christmas present! I was missing the podcast; thanks for doing such an extensive one. I'll enjoy listening during breaks in my weekend festivities...

    1. You're welcome - and happy new year!

  2. I want to say that I'm getting a 404 error on the Jay Franks download site. I subscribed my email and all.

    1. I've updated the link - you should be able to get it directly now

  3. "I'm Wishing" is from Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

  4. Good podcast. I especially liked the breakdown of intros. The old Broadway "verse" method is sadly neglected. BTW "people from Missouri" is just a way of saying "people who want proof for everything". Missouri is the "Show-Me" state. I also enjoyed getting behind the sound in "Fingernails". Especially the close-micd cello. It's a great arrangement. The extra cello line up high in the viola register has a strained, unnatural quality that fits the song very well.

    1. Thanks Jon 'Broadway Verse' is a better name! I assumed there was someone from Missouri in the show but thanks for putting me straight.

      And thanks for the comments about Fingernails - the strained, unnatural quality probably subconsciously reflects my mental state! - Highly strung songwriter...

      Glad to hear you're on the mend BTW

  5. It took me a while to listen to it all, but it was very interesting, lots of helpful tips. The interviews are a great find! One small side note, the original intro of Yellow Submarine is not a real 'acapella anacrusis', listen to the mono version of Revolver, they mixed out the first guitar chord in the stereo mix.

    1. Wow - thanks - I'll check it out. In the studio obviously a lot of tracks have the 'reference chord' removed - it's funny to hear of one that got cut off in the mix though!

  6. I downloaded this when you put it up, and the Holidays got hectic so I forgot about it. I was going through my iPod and found it and was thrilled to get a Christmas present so long after the day. Love the episode. I didn't realize how many of my favorite Beatle songs have the cold start type intro; it's a great technique. It always irks me a bit when I am at an open mic and the songwriter performs a 90 second chord intro to an otherwise perfect song. I am definitely going to be using that information in my future recordings. Thanks again for all the hard work! It is appreciated.

    1. You're welcome Patrick! Hopefully I'll have another out before NEXT christmas!

  7. Wikipedia calls the Jazz-Style intro a sectional verse,

    1. Thanks Curtis - I'll look that up.