Monday, 8 August 2016


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0:00 Intro

Quote: Men In Black

1:22 – John's Unlocked Music Clues From Anthology

More on Happiness Is A Warm Gun
More on I Will

5:35 – Good Lyrics = Good Song (And Bad Lyrics = Bad Song)

More on Across The Universe
More on Yesterday

8:40 – The Overall Sound (Is What's Important)

More on This Boy

9:58 – Subconscious Sabotage (Slight Return)

More on Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite

11:09 – Paul's Focus (“I just fitted words to it”)

More on Martha My Dear
More on Yesterday

15:15 – Chords Are Exciting! (And So Are Key Changes!)

More on From Me To You

16:53 – Paul - Able To Leap Tall Genres In A Single Bound

More on Honey Pie
More on Tomorrow Never Knows

18:30 – John Got (No) Rhythm

More on Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Post on Ticket 37: The Lennon Edit
Post on Ticket 52: The Lennon Extension

19:50 – Imagine A Jump (Mighty Mike)

A mashup of John Lennon's Imagine and Van Halen's Jump available here
Mighty Mike on Facebook

21:10 - Conclusion (Part 1)

In Spite Of All The Danger (The Quarrymen)
Johnny One Note (Rodgers/Hart) sung by Ella Fitzgerald
More on Because

28:44 – Concluding Conclusion

Video: Lennon or McCartney?

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