Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ticket 18: Finish On A Single Ringing Chord

Fade outs are often a sign you're lacking ideas. This will help you keep your songs short and sweet.

From Me To You, Help, I Saw Her Standing ThereThe EndTwist And Shout (and just about everything else!)

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  1. By "ringing chord" do you mean a song that ends without a fade-out? Or do you actually mean a guitar chord ringing towards the end of the song? And how do you feel about songs that use both, like having a ringing chord ending but then a fade-out comes afterwards to rid of unnecessary stuff that's not part of the song like guitar feedback, improvised instrumentation, studio chatter, guitars getting unplugged, or even tape noise, should that count as well?

    1. I primarily mean ending with a single chord (usually on the 'one' and usually the root chord) as opposed to either a fade out or a coda (an extra musical section designed to end a song) - see Life On Mars (David Bowie) or The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) for examples of codas.

      this is another way of getting your song length down.

      As for studio chatter etc that's more of a recording question than a songwriting one but again with every part I would just ask "is it really necessary?"