Monday, 3 June 2013

Cole Tyler's Got A Ticket To Write

Welcome to another guest post where a working musician spills the beans on how they've used the Tickets To Write. Next up - Cole Tyler

Hello this is Cole Tyler of The Forz!

You're blog has definitely helped me through some writing slumps and inspired some more Beatles-styled songs to go along with the ones we've got. 

This song Sleep Deprived uses Ticket 5: Make sections contrast and Ticket 18: Finish with a single ringing chord

It starts with a slower, blues rock shuffle and then switches to a faster blues rock riff like Dizzy Miss Lizzy. It also ends with an A6 chord which is a very Beatley way to end a song (She Loves You, Help! and a million more)

We've used a lot of your "Tickets" in our songs including The Lennon Edit (T37) , Let Two Become One (T55) and Don't Start The Melody on The First Beat (T39)

Thank you so much for your blog and keep up the great work!

Cole Tyler

Cole Tyler handles vocals guitar, keyboards in The Forz, a 1960's inspired rock and roll/blues band from Boston, MA. You can connect with the band via Facebook and Soundcloud and get their debut album Something New from Bandcamp

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