Saturday, 28 January 2012

Here Comes The Son (With A Lost Solo)

Here's a treat for you - Dhani, George and Giles finding a unused solo in the Here Comes The Sun master tapes


 Thanks to And Pop


  1. A treat, yes! But I want more, let's do the same for the whole Sgt. Pepper album.

  2. I liked that very much, and that was so sweet what George said to Dhani at the end. :-)

    Now there's where the Anthology or reissues could have been better - they could have brought some of the unused bits back in to give the people something different.

    I for one would love to hear some of that stuff I heard being brought out in a remixed version of Here Comes The Sun.

  3. There was a little of that on Anthology but yes. However I think Deluxe versions of every album (Stereo and mono, plus outtakes etc) would have been MUCH better!