Friday, 4 November 2011

Under The Influence: Chris Ballew (The Presidents Of The United States Of America)

[My biggest songwriting influence is] The Beatles. Totally. I grew up with the Beatles. From the time I was two until I was about 14 or 15, I didn't even know there was another band in the world besides the Beatles. I'd save up my allowance every month and go get another record for $4.97 at Budget Tapes and Records. I got them all and cycled around in them for about 10 years. Nothing [else]. Until I got into Nazareth and Blue Oyster Cult. I went right from the Beatles to schlock rock.

The Presidents are noted for including mashed up Beatles quotes and parodies into their live sets

Originally [Feather Pluckin'] was just an excuse to play with a phase shifter. Then it became kind of a Beatles thing as it progressed. Actually, we were playing around with that in our practice space, and somebody started singing “I've Got A Feeling” over it.

The quote from I've Got A Feeling appeared on the original Pop Llama version of the first album but was edited out of the Columbia rerelease. In live performances the quote has mutated into

All the froggies had a good time 
All the chickies got their toes wet 
All the monkeys got a drumset to share

Quotes: Guitar World May 1996

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