Sunday, 15 May 2011

Oh! Blogger!

Looks like Blogger (the platform) had a little bit of a freakout this week. Apologies to those who couldn't get the first post about Oh! Darling. It's back now, but sadly the comments are lost forever. Part two should be up on Monday and then it's Something next. No, I mean, it's 'Something' - the song next.

It's huge and daunting. There's so much awesomeness, songwriting wise, contained in it that I'm a little intimidated starting it.

So help me out people. What do YOU think are the most interesting aspects of the song that I should take a look at...


  1. I remember being very intimidated by the song Something when you wanted me to learn it. An absolutely incredible song that Lennon called the best song on Abbey Road.

  2. I made you learn it?! At West Notts College? I'm so sorry! Wait. No I'm not. It was a great idea.

    What did you learn?


  3. I learnt a great number of things, but unfortunately like Homer I had to lose all kinds of other things in my brain to make room for them ;-)

  4. No probs - thanks for your comment frenzy today! Much appreciated!