Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Beatles Complete Chord Songbook Review

Here's my review of one of the key resources I'm using to work through the Beatles songs here at BSA.

One thing I didn't mention is the order of the songs can be a little frustrating as it's 'nearly' alphabetical. A lot of songbooks suffer from this. It's a page saving device - whenever a three page song appears they slot it in next to a one page song to save on paper. I'm not sure how much bigger it would make the book if they just put a blank page in, but at least now you know why!

Oh and if you're planning to get it (or anything else) from Amazon you could really help me out by clicking on the link below - it means Amazon will pay me a minuscule fraction of whatever you spend there - which means more Beatles books for me and more reviews for you.

Win/win people - that's how I roll!

Buy The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook from Amazon UK
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  1. Hi Matt... in case you didn't notice... you're latest post 'Oh Darling' isn't there anymore... I know blogger was having issues yesterday, and other blogs I visit had the same problem... just FYI...

  2. Thanks so much Randy I noticed Blogger was having issues today, the post is back up without comments and with weird tags so far - I'll wait a day or two and tidy up...

  3. Hey Matt, I am digging the video review! You should do more of these!

  4. Thanks Nick - I have another one in the works!