Tuesday, 26 April 2011

12:28 It's Been A Long Long Long...


In order to head off any criticism along the lines of 'of course this song does stand up as an artistic whole it's one movement of a larger workI promised to look at the long one as a unified piece of music. To be fair nobody has played that card, but I said I'd do it so here it is.

Having played through the whole thing and examined it in great detail I haven't changed my mind. It's a bunch of random songs and even song fragments stitched together. Very skilfully stitched mind you, but stitched all the same. I even went to consult the oracle of Beatles song knowledge Alan Pollack but when he started blathering on about the A minor and A major transposition to C major being a reflection of western Judaeo/Christian monotheism and the story of the prodigal son I knew we were sunk.

There are links between the sections -

  • Most obviously the first and last sections from You Never Give Me Your Money reoccur largely unaltered in Carry That Weight.
  • The circle of fifths concept from 'Money' is also used in Golden Slumbers
  • Sun King has a descending chromatic chord progression that mirrors an ascending chromatic passage in Mean Mr Mustard.
  • Is the Sun King married to Her Majesty? And did Pam take her brother to see her?
  • How did the pretty darling get to sleep when Paul wouldn't give her his pillow?

I got to confess I'm grasping at straws here. And, straight repeats not withstanding, I'm pretty sure I could find just as many connections between any random collection on Beatles tunes. I mean, Here Comes The Sun – Here Comes The Sun King?

Next stop. Ringo's finest songwriting hour. (Is that really saying anything? Join me next time!).

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