Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Hey Jude Flowchart

Here's something really fun from love all this.

In a weird way this really highlights the Beatles practice of using parallel lyrics (also known as ticket 24) which is one of the tricks they used to make their songs way more memorable, and is something I'm slowly learning to incorporate...

Thanks to songwritingsceneloveallthis, Burconsultandrewsullivan for the heads up.


  1. That is fantastic. Makes great sense too. Thank you Matt.

  2. @Duende - thanks for the question. Ticket 24 is what I called 'parallel lyrics'. If you click on the link (the words 'ticket 24') you can find a summary of all the tickets (or just go to the TICKETS TO WRITE page by clicking the button on the top of the page).

    altenatively this post gives some good examples of parallel lyrics as does this guest post I did for songwriting scene

    Hope that answers your question!