Thursday, 25 November 2010

12:10 Contrasting Bathroom Windows (pt.5)

The guest post is done and published over at Songwriting Scene and now I'm back to finish off She Came In Through The Bathroom Window with one final post.

The last cool thing (apart from a really rigid hymn-like metre) is the way the verse melody really contrast with the chorus melody (Ticket 5). If you're stuck for where to go writing a second section in a song this is a great way to proceed.

So lets compare and contrast (the verse is first)

Solo voice - close harmony throughout
Wide vocal range an octave plus one (from G down to F#) - Narrow range E down to a G (must mostly C, C# and D)
Very free rhytymically - tight rhythm (partly dictated by having more than one voice needing to sync up)
Bluesified flat 3rd(C) in melody - 'correct' C#

Does it stand alone as a song without the support of the medley?

Yes, just about. It's a very short song (nothing new there) but oh! Those lyrics!

Next up: we take a closer look at Polythene Pam!

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