Wednesday, 6 October 2010

12:5 Instant Lennon - Because (pt.5)

I’m finding lyrical parallels (T24) all over the Beatles catalogue but Because is the mother load. The whole song is based on just two such parallels.

Each and every verse is constructed like so...

Because the ____ is ____ it ____ (produces a particular feeling)

The Bridge

Love is ____ Love is ____ Love is ____ Love is ____

My turn

What about -

Because the milk is sour it makes me ill?
Because the bus is full it makes me late?
Love is fat, love is thin. Love is her, love is him?

It’s the Lennon random lyric generator!

Take it for a spin and share your efforts in the comments section!

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  1. John Lennon invented the iPod. Nice. Thanks, Yoko, for your part in coming up with the cool name.