Monday, 27 September 2010

12:3 The Bridge To Nowhere - Because (pt.3)

Though it’s not that obvious, the ‘Lennonised’ b5 (T22)  makes an appearance on because the world is roooouuunnnddd (0:49). We last encountered this sucker on From Me to You. As with all the other weird intervals in this song Lennon supports it in the chord part by making the A chord an A7, so you hear the b5 (which in this key is a ‘g’) in the melody aswell as the chords.

The bridge provides another brilliant move. We have F#maj leading to a G#7. This is the classic IV V move which 99 times out of a 100 leads us to the major root (in this case C# major). That’s it boys! We’re going to break out of the dismal orbit of C#m into the free clear skies of C# major!! Here we go into…C#m. Oh man I feel so depressed.

Next time: How to write like a junkie

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