Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Minor 4 Chord (pt3)

The Beatles were masters of slipping chords that didn’t fit the key into their songs. Chord like the minor 4 (iv). Last time we were looking at progressions where they went from the major 4 (IV) to the minor 4 (iv) like this change from In My Life (the iv is Dm)

There are A places E I remember all my D life Dm though A some have changed

25 or 6 to 4

Now lets look at the second most common change – from the minor 6 to the minor 4 (vi to iv)

Ask Me Why (Verse) -  vi, iv, II7, V, I (Key of E)

That C#m I, I, I, I, I should Am never, never, never be F#7 blue B

She Loves You (verse) - I vi iv, V (in G)

She G loves you and you know that can’t be Em bad,
She Cm loves you & you know you should be D glad

Any Time At All (verse) -  I, iii/VII, vi, iv/bVI (in D)

D If you need some F#m/C# body to love,
Bm Just look into my Gm/Bb eyes

I Will (verse tag, as a weird passing chord) - I7, IV, V, vi, iv, I (in F)

F7 Sing it Bb loud so C7 I can Dm hear you Bbm F

The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (verse) - III, V, vi, iv (in C)

He’s the E all-American G bullet-headed Am Saxon mother’s Fm son

The Night Before (verse) - vi, iv, vi, iv, I (in D)

Bm Now today I Gm find,
Bm You have changed your Gm mind D treat me…

The iv resolves to the I chord in every song except Ask Me Why & You Won't See Me..

For a modern example check out If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz. The Chorus progression (in D) is I, iii, vi, iv

D Well all I really want to do is
F#m love you, a kind much closer than
Bm friends use, but I still can't say it after
Gm all we've been through

Once again your homework is simple. Try to get this chord progression into one of your songs!


  1. Hi Matt. Since you are in an updating mode: I don't really understand the 'You won't see me' example...

  2. Rob! The reason you don't understand is cos it's totally wrong! Thanks for being an eagle-eyed reader. The key is A not D which means Bm is ii.

    Correcting it now. Thanks.

  3. @Rob - Of course that means the example now belongs in a completely different post!


  4. OMG - I'm just learning theory (circle of 5ths) and having a hell of a time with Beatle songs (til now!) Thanks!!!!!!

    1. You're welcome! More circle of fifths stuff here