Thursday, 6 May 2010

Coverville, George Harrison & the Legend of the Templeton Twins

There's an interesting podcast called Coverville that feature covers of famous songs by other famous (and not famous) bands. The episode on George Harrison (555) has a nice mix of Beatles and solo stuff (check out Show Of Hands doing If I Needed Someone) but nothing could have prepared me for the psuedo 1920's version of Something by (are you ready for this?) 

The Templeton Twins 
backed by Teddy Turner & his Bunsen Burners

What struck me (apart from the hilarious poker faced arrangement) was how easily the song translated into a jazz crooner vehicle with so little reharmonisation.

 But the plot thickens. The album Trill It Like It Was is long out of print (in fact I'm not sure it's ever appeared on CD) so I did a little research. It turns out The Twins are better known as Van Halen producer Ted Templeman!!!

Here's one other Beatles Templeton/man cover I managed to track down.

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