Friday, 19 February 2010

1:10 Do You Want To Know A Secret?


Do You Want To Know A Secret?

This song hides a gorgeous verse underneath it's frenetic tempo.

The simple yet intimate lyrics match the tune perfectly. Just try the song slowly and softly with a light jazzy swing…can’t you visualise the sultry chanteuse sprawling on top of the piano breathing, “closer...let me whisper in your ear”? That Lennon & McCartney considered it a throwaway song is evidenced by the fact that they threw it in Harrison’s direction as his token vocal solo. Perhaps they gave up on the song after penning the bone-jarring, gear-crunching bridge.

As well as soaking in repeated plays of the magnificent verse melody we can take away the unexpected and seductive Am (the iv chord - Ticket 8 again) that occurs just before the word “closer” and draws you down into the repeat of the verse so deliciously.


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