Tuesday, 27 September 2016

What Goes Online (Sep 2016)

I'm very pleased to announce my new EP Everything In The World Is Fighting Everything In The Sky will be released via Bandcamp iTunes and all on Nov 1st. Dean Jackson had the world premiere of my track Me And The Devil on his BBC Introducing show and you can stream it for the next 30 days here. I'm on around 1:33:30. You can read the blog post on what Charles Dickens and Tori Amos have to teach songwriters mentioned here

Speaking of streaming I want to recommend the Compleatly Beatles podcast. One mammoth episode per album (Revolver is 2 hours plus) humorous and informative. Find it on iTunes

Some great general Beatles writing: John Medd on discovering the Beatles and Martin Fitzgerald's introduction to the Help album

And in a more technical post Aaron Krerowicz looks at the way Paul McCartney extends melody lines in I Will.

Neil McCormick in The Telegraph imagines a Beatles 'Worst Of' album called (appropriately) 'Misery'

And Billboard interviews Donovan

In 1966, your album Sunshine Superman came out, as did Revolver, Pet Sounds, and Blonde on Blonde. What was going on that year creatively that we have these albums that 50 years later still resonate? 
Three things came together: There was the invasion of pop culture, with what they called folk music. Folk music ... invaded pop culture with meaningful lyrics. That meant protest, that meant civil rights, that meant explorations of the levels of consciousness. The second thing was ... the bohemian invasion of bohemian ideas, and that was self-change and responsibility for the future ... And the third element was we were really good. In 1966 we proved to everybody that the engineers, the producers, the songwriters and the fans were ready for something extraordinary and that’s what happened. The '60s burst wide open in '66 into full colour!

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