Monday, 30 May 2016

What Goes Online Jun 2016

Just a few updates and links...

BSA Podcast ep 4 is live! Right Now! Join the mailing list to get the exclusive download link. And please remember you need to click on the confirmation email to er ... confirm.

I've just updated the post on The Band Who Needed No Introduction (about introductions)

And if you haven't watched Conan O'Brien interviewing Beatles scholar Mark Lewisohn I strongly recommend checking it out.

I was honoured to have my rap track My Ride (download the song here) featured on a recent episode of the NUSIC New Music Podcast (ep 127). Download the podcast here.

I also got to throw in my 2 cents on a songwriting roundtable with heavy hitters like Gary Ewer, Ari Herstand and Kevin Thomas over at the One Minute Song website run by friend of BSA Lee PatRead the post here

On Wednesday I'll be reprinting an interview I did for the Creative Gibberish blog, touching heavily on the subject in 'inspiration'. You can find that over at along with some of my new demos and videos of former pupils in action.

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