Tuesday, 24 May 2016


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0:00  - Intro

Quote: Chevy Chase in Fletch (1985)
The Black Heartthrobs: Back In The USSR
Download The Black Heartthrobs: The White Album - Side 1 + 2 here

2:55 - What Was The Difference Between Lennon And McCartney?

Video: Lennon or McCartney?
Book Review: John Lennon Interviews
Book Review: Paul McCartney Biographies

5:30 – Art (Avant Mc-Garde-ny)

More on While My Guitar Gently Weeps

8:30 - Politics (John Lenin or Paul MaoCartney?)

Quote: Jimmy Cliff in Lennon Or McCartney?
The Black Heartthrobs: Don't Pass Me By

13:26 - Melodies (Verti-Paul or Hori-Johntal)

Ticket 58: Write a descant

17:05 - Shouting vs Melodies

Golden Ticket: Keep The Tonics Apart Till The End (Ticket 74)
More on Yer Blues
More on I Will
More on Hey Jude
More on Dear Prudence
The Black Heartthrobs: Julia

24:30 – Autobiography vs Fiction (Me At The Third Party)
Quote: Jason Collett on Lennon Or McCartney?
More on Mean Mr Mustard
More on Come Together

27:20 - Preparation or Inspiration? (Subconscious Sabotage!)

More on Across The Universe
More on Happiness Is A Warm Gun

32:50 – Outro

Matt Blick: My Ride Single

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