Monday, 12 October 2015

A Letter From Matt

Dear Reader,

There are some exciting days ahead here at Beatles Songwriting Academy. As well as working on some new Tickets To Write posts I'm putting the finishing touches to the first BSA Podcast!

The first episode will feature behind the scenes bonus stuff on the White Album, highlight one of George Martin's best arrangements, answer some BSA readers questions and discover one place where Lennon and McCartney plagiarised themselves!

I'm planning to make the podcast a regular feature and, like the rest of the site, it will be free - but it will only be available to readers who sign up to my mailing list.


Well I've had mixed results sharing audio and video posts online. Though educational examples 'should' be protected under fair use Apple's lawyers obviously didn't get that memo. Secondly, I'm always looking for ways to connect with my readers and a good old fashioned mailing list is still one of the best. I will not spam you, you'll get one email a month tops, Beatles songwriting related, and fingers crossed most of 'em will have a link to an exclusive podcast attached.

So are you on board?

Sign up here.

And why not say 'hi' in the comments if you have a minute? Tell me how long you've been reading Beatles Songwriting Academy and what your favourite Beatles album is.

All the best


(PS I've been here since 2009 and it's still Revolver)


  1. Howdy Matt, Aaron here. Been reading since 2012 and my favorite record is Revolver too (though it's close between that and Sgt. Pepper's)

  2. I've been here since 2010 I think, and my favorite albums are Revolver and the White Album (when I'm down I listen to side C). BTW my favorite double EP is the Magical Mystery Tour!

    1. Thanks Rob - Magical Mystery Tour is definitely in my top 10 double EPs !!!!

  3. I'm Marv (or Martin) and a musician, songwriter, friend to many, and hopefully enemy to none... *Hi Marv*

    I have no idea how long I've been following this blog, but it's probably longer than Rob perhaps?

    My favourite blog!

  4. I've been here since mid-2011; I stumbled upon this blog by accident. I find it insightful, informative, and occasionally amusing, despite not being a songwriter myself.

    My favorite Beatles album...that's a hard call, partly because I'm from the digital era and didn't first encounter songs on an album-by-album basis, but instead as a hodgepodge. But if I have to choose, I'll say Magical Mystery Tour. It's got a lot of my favorite tracks.

    1. Wow - I didn't know you'd been lurking that long Justice! 'Occasionally amusing' - just like me in real life...

      If you can't decide on an album you can always use the Alan Partridge answer
      (I quote in full)

      Ben: Who’s Wings?
      Alan: They’re only the band the Beatles could have been.
      Ben: I love the Beatles.
      Alan: Yeah, so do I.
      Ben: What’s your favourite Beatles album, then?
      Alan: Tough one. I think I’d have to say... ‘The Best of the Beatles’.

    2. Ha ha... :)

      Incidentally, I get slightly annoyed at albums called "The Best of [insert artist's name here]", because "best" in music is almost entirely a subjective opinion...but that's a rant for another time. *grin*

  5. Been following the blog for a few hours, and the Beatles since I heard "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" in '64. I just found your blog through the FAWM Facebook post. Boy, this is right in my wheelhouse. Thanks for all of your hard work; I'm looking forward to exploring the site.

    In general, Rubber Soul, but each album has an appeal depending on what mood I'm in, so today, I'm in a Revolver (US version) mood. Maybe tomorrow, the UK version of Revolver, or Abbey Road. But for just one album, it would have to be the UK version of Rubber Soul.

    1. Thanks Patrick! You must be be simultaneously my newest reader and oldest listener! (you know what I mean). Do you notice a big difference between the US and UK mixes or is it solely about tracklisting?