Thursday, 31 July 2014

Ticket 37: The Lennon Edit

In the words of Ian MacDonald, John Lennon suffered from “A thoughtful impatience…a keenness to draw in the slack” (RGTTB p.370) and what appear to be odd time signature are often better understood as John's eagerness to get to the next line of vocals. So apply this songwriting trick by looking at your vocal line and simply remove beats or whole bars at points where there are gaps.

All You Need Is Love
Any Time At All
Good Day Sunshine
Good Morning Good Morning
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
I Me Mine
Savoy Truffle - verse 1 & 2
She Said She Said
The End
You Never Give Me Your Money


Country Blues and Folk tunes (especially as performed by solo guitarists), Advertising jingles, TV theme tunes

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