Thursday, 13 February 2014

Ticket 6: Stay Off The Root Chord

 ... especially as the first chord of the song.

Ask Me Why,
All My Loving,
All I've Got To Do
Don't Bother Me
I Want To Hold Your Hand
It Won't Be Long
Long Long Long
Old Brown Shoe
She Loves You
The Long And Winding Road

Also That'll Be The Day (Buddy Holly)

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  1. Here are other non-Beatles that fit this trope:
    Sono Mirai wa Ima (the pillows)
    Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
    I'll Be Around (The Spinners)
    ICE (The Chewinggum Weekend)

  2. Ride On Shooting Star (the pillows) - This one is a tricky one, the root chord is replaced with a riff. The vocals come in near the end of the meter where the rhythm guitar plays the V until the meter finishes.

  3. Loving You Is Easy (Sarah McLachlan)
    Walls Come Tumbling Down (The Style Council)