Friday, 10 May 2013

Joe Scala's Got A Ticket To Write

Today's guest blogger Joe Scala combined a Beatles approved chord with a really original approach to writing lyric in one of his recent songs...

I used an interesting process on the FAWM song Take A Photograph. I wrote the moody echo-y music first, but I had no idea where to go with the lyrics. The obvious direction was something along the lines of “I am lonely, I am empty, I am nothing” but this isn’t the kind of song I want to write. It’s ok to be moody; you don’t have to be depressed.

An idea came to me – from out of nowhere it seemed, although it probably un-buried itself from my memory from a writing class in college – to use photos as inspiration. (I often use poetry by Frost, Whitman, Dickinson, but I was tired of that method). I pulled up flickr and looked at the daily photos. I saw a lot of stuff, and when something struck me, I wrote a description of what I saw.

It started with very basic, prose-y stuff: “a gray and brown train riding along with a town in the background”. But then I kept pushing myself to write more, what else could I find? I added some flowery descriptions. I repeated this for 3 or four photos, and I expected to find some good lines for the song in there.
I didn’t. Everything still looked boring. So I printed out all of my descriptions like this:

I looked for interesting phrases across the lines, stuff that I would never have written, although I kinda did, and just found it. I circled lots of stuff. From there, I constructed a new list of possible lyrics. Once I found the lines “Take a photograph / Fill it up with what you see” it suggested a pattern to the verses, and away I went. I pieced the song together from there. It’s interesting how the verses each reflect one of the photos, even though I chopped everything to bits.

I was browsing Beatles Songwriting Academy for an easy idea to use and found “Ticket 44 – Use the Minor 5.” While I was messing around with a chord progression, a pretty standard one actually, I looked for a place to insert the minor 5, an unexpected twist. This lead me to the structure of the verses that I ended up with. I used my new Hamlet pedal and set the reverb to 12 (yes it goes to 12!) to get the eerie arpeggiated guitar tracks.

Joe Scala is a 'regular guy with a regular job' from Baltimore MD who is also the guitarist in The Katie Bowers Band and Katie & Joe. You can check out some of their music here and listen to another Beatles related tune by Joe here.

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This post originally appeared on Joe's blog (thanks Joe!).

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