Sunday, 11 March 2012

What Goes Online

Here's an interesting post about Pablo Fanque (late of Pablo Fanque's fair)

Want to listen to every Beatles song but you're rushed for time? This bizarre mashup is for you! All Together Now - Everything the Beatles ever did. I dare you to listen right through (and the comments are funny anyway!)

I found another great quote from Dave Grohl about the Beatles influence on his career - so I've updated that post

Coming Soon: Two Of Us


  1. Need some rest now, several brain cells overloaded...

  2. Is that FAWMdamage Rob, or did you listen to the mashup?

  3. That mashup messed up my brain :-). The first part is cool, the last part apocalyptical. I'd never heard 226 songs at the same time before!

  4. That blog about Pablo Fanque is really interesting.

    I know this will probably sound odd, but I really enjoyed that mash-up. I need to calm down now though because it was so intense.

    Thank you once again Matt. :-)