Sunday, 11 March 2012

Solo Beatles

Answer time !

Here are the solo Beatles songs

Ringo – Goodnight (The White Album)
George - Within You Without You (Sgt Pepper)
John - Julia (The White Album)
Paul – Yesterday (Help)
Paul - Mother Nature's Son (The White Album)
Paul - Blackbird (The White Album)
Paul - Wild Honey Pie (The White Album)
Paul - Martha My Dear (The White Album)
Paul - Her Majesty (Abbey Road)

And the 'No Beatles' tracks?

Sea of Time
Sea of Holes
Sea of Monsters
March of the Meanies
Pepperland Laid Waste
Yellow Submarine in Pepperland

all from the original Yellow Submarine album but composed and conducted by George Martin

How did you do? - leave me a comment!


  1. 4 (Goodnight-Julia-Yesterday-Blackbird). I never listen to the instrumental YS stuff...

  2. I got the "No Beatles" tracks right away; I love Martin's score for Yellow Submarine. In fact, I made my own CD of the entire score from the isolated tracks on the DVD.

  3. I missed Wild Honey Pie. Fun stuff.

  4. I worked out the Yellow Submarine soundtrack music...

    Martha My Dear - I wasn't sure about the drums.

    That was fun though. :)