Friday, 9 March 2012

The Best Of Let It Be pt.6 (Two Of Us, Dig A Pony)

Two of Us 

LIB – A studio recording made the day after the famous rooftop gig.

LIBN - A light remix of the original version. The vocals are clearer and vocals sit better together.

A3 - A really rough rehearsal recorded on 24 January 1969 at Apple Studios, notable only for McCartney saying "take it Phil!" a reference to Phil Everly whose vocal harmony style Lennon and McCartney are emulating.

Not much in it – but better vocal sound means another win for the remixers.

Dig a Pony

LIB – The version from the rooftop concert on 30 January 1969 featuring Billy Preston. There's a false start, Lennon Ringo blows his nose and the song concludes with light applause and Lennon complaining about his hands being cold. The song's intro and outro was removed by Spector because “The tuning [presumably Lennon's vocals] is particularly bad in the beginning.”

LIBN - A light remix of the original version. The false start and closing dialogue are cut and the intro/outro are not replaced. The piano is a little more audible.

A3 - Another lackluster run through recorded on 22 January 1969 at Apple Studios. It seem like Ringo hasn't settled on a part, the tempo is slower, the bass is too loud and there's no organ. The original intro removed from both LIB albums is heard here.

The two LIB version are hardly distinguishable – but I'll take Billy Preston playing piano over John Lennon Ringo Starr unpacking his trunk.

Best Version

Two Of Us - LIBN
Dig A Pony - LIBN


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